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    Trinidad & Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce Board Members

    Dwight “Ike” Roberts

    Dwight “Ike” Roberts

    I have been involved in music, in some way, my entire life.  My family is very musical, my mother played the accordion and directed the church choir, my dad strummed the acoustic guitar and my brother is an accomplished trumpet player.  In my youth, I was forced to play the piano (which I disliked at the time) and I have been playing the guitar since the age of 25.
    I was raised primarily in No Colorado and graduated high school in 1984 from Univ. High in Greeley, Co.  In 1987, I purchased my first home.  I realized early one that I did not want to rent from someone else.  This became my passion at the time, flipping houses and doing remodels.  During my down time, I began studying the guitar.  I became obsessed with the instrument and have enjoyed it ever sense.  I was married in 2001 and moved to California where my wife’s family resided.  While there, I helped open a Guitar Center in Modesto, Ca. Additionally, I moved on and managed another retail music store, Skip’s Music for 8 years.  While at Skip’s I began pursuing An AA in Music from Modesto Junior College.  By 2007, I had finished my degree and decided to go on and earn a BA at SF State Univ...  I graduated from SF State in 2010 with a degree in Radio and Television (audio engineering emphasis).  I did two internships while in school.  I worked at Alice 97.3 in both the production side and the promotions teams.  I did a second internship at Studio D Recording in Sausalito, Ca.  I was later hired at Studio D and worked part time for them for another 5 years.  My second job was with SF Rec and Park where I taught woodworking and digital sound arts to youth and adults.
    In 2016, I asked my wife for a divorce and decided to move back to Colorado.  I feel blessed to have been able to heal and regroup in Trinidad.  I found a place last November to set up my store = Ike’s Music.  I opened Ike’s Music on Feb 6 and the business is slowly beginning to grow.  Ike’s is a retail store but also offers Guitar, Bass, Piano and drum lessons.  I also do repairs and set-ups on stringed instruments.  It feels great to be working for myself despite the tremendous stress and commitment.

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